Lavina L25S7 Electric Grinder

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The new Lavina Series 7 25" L25S7 electric floor grinder features a sealed, dust-proof grinding head along with several other features, benefits and updates from Superabrasive!

Longer service life and less maintenance. 

  • Completely redesigned chain-driven planetary drive with no chain tensioner
  • New stronger timing belt
  • Upgraded shafts, seals and bearings
  • New lighter timing pulleys for better power transmission
  •  New 2-piece aluminum main belt housing with belt inspection cover for longer belt life and less maintenance

New frame design

Better control, easier tool changes, and less vibrations.

  • New weights for faster position change
  • Redesigned frame allowing easier tool changes
  • New ergonomic handle design – faster adjustability and more positions
  • Rubber bushing used at head attachment points – less vibrations for user
  • Water tank cap
  • Internal storage compartment