ResinForce FlakeShield MVB Epoxy Primer

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FlakeShield Epoxy Primer is a 100% solids, two-component moisture vapor barrier epoxy coating designed to be used as a moisture vapor retarder for maximum adhesion with high build epoxy systems, as well as a binder resin for full broadcast epoxy flake floor systems.
FlakeShield Epoxy Primer will control moisture vapor transmission rates up to 25 lb. / 24 hr. / 1000 sq. ft. when applied at 16 mils without any broadcast media, and will provide excellent physical and chemical resistance. If used as a hybrid primer and broadcast coat in one for flake floor systems, reduced moisture protection is expected. (See Coverage Rate for details).


  • Residential Garages and Basements
  • Commercial Restaurants, Food Prep, Bars, Distilleries, Wineries, Breweries
  • Classrooms, Laboratories, Mechanical Rooms
  • Areas of light manufacturing, storage, or production
  • Retail Showrooms, Sales Floors, Waiting Rooms

Resistant to bacteria and moisture, Easy to Clean • Solvent-Free • May apply several layers on itself • Low VOC, Low Odor, allowing for interior application without harmful odors
Excellent adhesive properties, allowing application on other firm and hard coating, as well as a good bond to the substrate. • Meets LEED standards • Resists up to 25 lbs of moisture

The concrete surface must be deemed mechanically and structurally sound, thoroughly clean of debris, oils, fats, waxes, sealers, curing agents, and other contamination. New concrete must be fully cured for a minimum of 28 days. Compressive strength of concrete should be at least 3,500 psi (24 Mpa) @ 28 days and at least 215 psi (1.5 Mpa) in tension at time of product application. Compression resistance of concrete must be at least 25 MPa (3625 lbs./inch2) after 28 days and traction resistance must be at least 1,5 MPa (218 lbs./inch2). Do not apply to wet concrete. Chloride, moisture, and pH levels should be checked prior to application. Mechanically prep the concrete surface by shot blasting or diamond grinding with 30 grit or coarser diamonds to achieve a dust free CSP-3 profile, which is required to remove the surface laitance that appears during the concrete finishing and curing process and obtain maximum mechanical bond. Substrate and material temperature should be 59°F - 86°F with a maximum relative humidity of 85%. If applied outside these limits the coating may have excessive air entrapment, bubbles, blisters, blushing, hazing, curing issues, or adhesion issues. All cracks and substrate imperfections should be filled and repaired with ResinForce® EasyMend® prior to application.

2 Hour Ultimate Fast Cure SDS Part A CLICK HERE
2 Hour Ultimate Fast Cure SDS Part B CLICK HERE

6 Hour Fast Cure SDS Part A CLICK HERE
6 Hour Fast Cure SDS Part B CLICK HERE

14 Hour Standard Cure SDS Part A CLICK HERE
14 Hour Standard Cure SDS Part B CLICK HERE

2 Hour Ultimate Fast Cure TDS Sheet CLICK HERE
6 Hour Fast Cure TDS Sheet CLICK HERE
14 Hour Standard Cure TDS Sheet CLICK HERE


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