ResinForce MC Urethane Low Odor Single Component 85% Solids

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ResinForce MC Urethane Low Odor Single Component 85% Solids - 1 Gallon (300-350 sf/gal)

This product is designed to be a CLEAR top-coat only.  If possible, re-coat within the suggested re-coat window of the previous coating.  If re-coating outside the suggested re-coat window of the previous coating or beyond 24 hours, sand using a 60-120 grit sanding screen to ensure adequate adhesion between coats.  Clean dust thoroughly.  Substrate, air and material temperatures must be no less than 50°F and not exceed 80°F.  If applied outside these limits the coating may not achieve adequate film formation and may have excessive air entrapment, bubbles, blushing or hazing.  Please note that higher substrate, air and material temperatures as well as excessive humidity may speed the cure rate of this product.  Cooler temperatures and lower humidity may slow the cure rate of this product.

Do not incorporate air while mixing.  Mix slowly with a hand held stir stick only for 10-15 seconds if necessary.  DO NOT use power mixing equipment.

CAUTION: Moisture cured urethane cures by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere and then hardening.  If the container is open for any period of time or brushes or rollers are dipped in and out, then the contents are likely to cure and become solid.  Partially filled containers are also likely to cure and become solid over a period of time.  Pour out only what will be used up in the immediate time frame and reseal the original container each time after pouring product out.  Left over material should be poured into air tight, metal cans that have little to no air space in them with the lid securely in place.

Coverage rates may vary depending upon surface porosity, texture, application method, and prior coating application.  Excessive build up should be avoided.

Using a brush and/or 1/4" mohair blend roller, dip and roll the mixed material from a roller pan.  18" rollers are recommended for any surface to speed up application time and reduce roller marks.  Start by placing the wet roller at one corner of an approximate 4x4 square and roll the material at an angle to opposite corner, applying no pressure to the roller.  Spread the material across only that square and immediately back-roll to even out material and roller lines.  Adjust the size of your square as needed based on the amount of material being applied with the roller.  After finishing the square, move on to the next square using the same technique.  While applying keep a wet edge to prevent roller-marks.  It is recommended to work in sections usually using control joints as dividers to ensure proper application results.  It is suggested to discard any material left in the roller pan when coating is complete.  Do not allow to puddle!  Use a brush to remove excess coating in joints.

Re-coat within suggested window listed below.  Refer to TDS for full re-coat information.

Apply this material by pouring directly over flake and spreading evenly with a flat, flexible squeegee and back-roll using a 3/8" nap, shed-free, phenolic core roller.  Always fill the roller cover in a puddle before beginning to back roll.  Apply evenly at a rate of 175-225 square feet per gallon, always keeping a wet edge.  Do not allow to puddle.  Use a bristle brush to remove excess coating in joints.  Re-coat within suggested window listed below.  Refer to TDS for full re-coat information.

Properties below based on 72°F @ 50% RH

POT LIFE........................N/A
TACK FREE.....................4-6 HOURS
RE-COAT TIME................6-16 HOURS
LIGHT TRAFFIC...............10-18 HOURS
HEAVY TRAFFIC...............24-36 HOURS
APPLICATION TEMP..........50°F - 80°F