ResinForce EasyPoly HIGH SOLIDS Slow Cure Polyaspartic 24H - 2 Gallon Kit

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ResinForce EasyPoly High Solics SC 24H is a two component (1:1) high solids, slow cure, VOV compliant, aliphatic polyurea topcoat system.  It provides outstanding clarity, appearance, high gloss, low odor, UV resistance, and amazing chemical resistance.  This slow cure version provides extended working times, and the high solids formulation provides virtually no odor or shrinkage during the curing process and is extremely user friendly to apply with extended working times. 

Surface Preparation:
The concrete surface must be deemd mechanically and structurally sound, thoroughly clean of debris, oils, fats, waxes, sealers, curing agents and other contamination.  New concrete must be fully cured for a minimum of 28 days.  Do not apply to wet concrete.  Chloride, moisture, and pH levels should be checked prior to application.  Mechanically prep the concrete surface by shotblasting or diamond grinding with 30 grit or coarser diamonds to achieve a dust free CSP-3 profile.  Substrate and material temperature should be 59°F - 86°F witha maximum relative humidity of 85%.  If applied outside these limits, the coating may have excessive air entrapment, bubles, blisters, blushing, hazing, curing issues, or adhesion issues.

Pre-mix Part A and Part B separately for 1-2 minutes prior to combining components together.  Pour 1 part of part B into 1 part of part A by volume, then mix with a helix or jiffy mixer for 3 minutes at 300-450 rpm LOW SPEED, scooping sides, bottom and all around for a good uniform mix.  Avoid high speed mixing which will cause entrapment of air during mixing.  Make sure to scrape the walls and bottom of container with straight edged trowel or mixing stick at least once to ensure a  homogeneous mix.  Do not mix more material than can be applied within working time limits.  Immediately pour contents out of the pail onto the floor to begin spreading.

Coverage Rates:
Primer Direct to Concrete: 150 - 265 sq ft per gallon (6-11 mils)
Top Coat over Full Broadcast Flake Floors: 130 - 200 sq ft per gallon (8-12 mils)
Grout Coat over Full Broadcast Quartz: 100 - 150 sq ft per gallon (11-16 mils)

Apply mixed material by pouring onto the surface and spread with a flat squeegee or small notch squeegee.  Then back roll with an 18" lint free shedless 3/8" nap roller.  Avoid creating puddles.  If the material becomes thick while applying and sticking to the application tools, stop applying and discard the mixed material.  Clean-up tools and equipment with Xylene.


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