ResinForce PolyGlow Metallic Polyaspartic LV 100% Solids - 3 Gallon Kit

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DESIGNED FOR WHITE METALLICS - 100% Solids POLYASPARTIC is an aliphatic, two component product formulated for warm, humid conditions, to allow more working time while still providing excellent results.  Specifically formulated with non-yellowing properties for light colored metallic floors, countertops, and other coating systems.  The polymer structure is very clear, may be pigmented, very tough, has excellent color retention, good chemical resistance, and excellent adhesive properties. Due to its chemical makeup, a TOP COAT IS NOT REQUIRED, but it is optional.

The concrete surface must be deemed mechanically and structurally sound, completely clean and dry.  To achieve the above desired results, a mechanical grinding method should be performed to approximately a 20-40 grit profile to ensure flatness of the substrate, to remove surface impurities, and to profile the surface of the floor.  Apply ResinForce primer, pigmented epoxy of choice, then apply powder-pigmented POLYASPARTIC.  See data sheets for details.

If mixing less than a full kit, mix part A & part B separately with a stir stick, low speed mixer, or vigorously shake container prior to blending the smaller kit to ensure uniform distribution of all ingredients.  Proper mixing is pertinent to application success.  Only use power pigments with this product.  Mix ratio is 1 parts A to 2 parts B.  Mix with low speed drill and jiffy mixer for 3 minutes until uniform.  Do not mix more material than what can be applied in 10-15 minutes as material will begin to gel.

Application range 45°-90°F.  Over a pigmented base, apply 50-200 ft² per gallon.  Spread product using a squeegee or roller over the application area.  Hot surfaces may accelerate gel time of the product.  If applying multiple thin coats, at 5-10 mils per coat, apply the second coat as soon as the first coat can be walked on, 1-2 hours.  If recoat window is exceeded, sand to 100% abrasion, wipe with acetone, and recoat.

*Please note that low air or concrete temperatures and and/or relative humidity may extend drying times.  Follow suggested coverage rates for best results.  Applying polyaspartic outside of the suggested parameters may result in job failure.  Coverage rates may vary for all coatings and substrates depending on porosity, density, texture etc.  Coating may darken surface.  Coating may cause surface to be a slip hazard or slippery when wet.  A slip resistant additive may be added to help prevent slip hazards.

Based on 70°F-80°F @ 50% RH*

Pot Life..................35-45 Minutes     Gel Time.................>30 Minutes
Tack Free...............4 Hours               Re-Coat Time..........60-120 Minutes
Light Foot Traffic.....8-12 Hours          Heavy Foot Traffic....24-48 Hours